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 IPTV system

IPTV system installed on your room, to watch Iranian TV channels and international channels, watch movies, listen to your favorite music, use the Internet, view your account and use dozens of other features of this system Benefit.
central phone
PBX with advanced facilities in the room for your convenience to call inside and outside the country and also to fulfill your orders in the hotel
Digital Safe Deposit Box
Put your cash and valuables in this box inside the closet. Instructions for using it are installed inside the closet.
House keeping
This section cleans or visits your room every day. In case of any technical defects in your room, contact the housekeeper.
Office for Answering Religious Issues
In case of any religious questions or problems, you can contact this office.
Hotel Chapel
It is located on the half floor located in the ground floor next to the entrance stairs to the floors.
It is located on the half floor located in the ground floor next to the entrance stairs to the floors.
Room rates and its various classes
Selling rooms in three different classes: economy class, business class and first class
Offer a variety of discounts even for those who are not members of the Qasr subscribers club.
Social status scheme
Breakfast, lunch or dinner during the stay is free for people over seventy.
Global reservation network
Dedicated hotel offices across the country are ready to provide services to our dear compatriots around the clock.
Palace Subscribers Club
Issuance of a subscription card for all guests who intend to join the Qasr subscribers'' club or for those who intend to receive a Qasr restaurant subscription card to enjoy its benefits.
Daily buffet with a variety of hot and cold dishes at the breakfast area on the ground floor of a hotel
Coffee Shop
Serve a variety of hot and cold drinks, the most varied desserts around the clock in the room or lobby
Melody Traditional Tea House
Types of tea and herbal teas with different healing properties
Legendary Restaurant
Offering a variety of Persian and French dishes, kebabs, stews, fast foods, salads, etc. as a serving in a restaurant or in the room
Palace Restaurant
The most diverse Persian dishes, French dishes and desserts along with salads and buffets
Seafood Restaurant
Serving seafood including a variety of fish, shrimp, crabs, etc. in the form of fried barbecue, etc. in the form of serving in the restaurant and in the room
Melody fast food
Serving all kinds of snacks, dumplings, pizza, pasta, etc. can be served in the room and at the Melody restaurant
Room service
Pay 15% of the service fee, enjoy your favorite food in the room, serving food and coffee in the coffee shop without additional service fee.
Hotel Confectionery
Orders for sweets and cakes inside and outside the hotel
To ensure the well-being of your loved ones, snacks and nuts, delicious drinks are provided, for which a special box for a mini bar is placed in the room.
Automatic sales machine
If for any reason you do not want to buy from the coffee shop, you can buy drinks and snacks at the vending machine located in the lobby without intermediaries.
Landry of men and women
Washing any kind of clothes as well as shoe wax
Guest Guide
Ask the guest guide for any questions regarding city information or about the hotel, hotel brochures and map of Mashhad.
Palace Exchange
Buy and sell all kinds of currencies and gold and silver coins at the current price of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
The hotel is a party to the contract of all Shtab member cards and is ready to provide services in this field.
Dedicated bank counter
All banking operations including money transfer, check receipt, payment of bills, remittances, etc.
Parking and car wash 24 hours a day
Parking on the ground floor of the hotel with facilities such as car wash and apparatus is at the service of guests.
Internet cafe and wireless internet
The hotel cafe with all the amenities is in the diamond lobby and wireless internet is available throughout the hotel, which you can connect to with your laptop or mobile phone.
Qasr Tourist and Travel Agency
Issuance of plane and train tickets and providing suburban and intercity tours as well as all tourist services.
Special tourism taxi service
Service to all parts inside and outside the city is done by experienced drivers in hotel uniforms.
Welcome and transfer
Welcome at the airport lounge, reception upon arrival at the exclusive office of Qasr International Hotel located at Shahid Hasheminejad International Airport in Mashhad
Blue tours
Leisure and sports facilities equipped for your well-being Dear guests, including the land of blue waves, Aftab beach park, Armaghan cultural and sports complex and the Iranian water complex, which is a party to the contract with Qasr International Hotels
Men and women massage salon
Providing a variety of international massage services by appointment
Skin Clinic
Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Skin Care. Chemical peels and peels, facials, removal of facial blemishes and dozens of other cosmetic procedures
Palace Beauty Salon
Be sure to leave your beauty in the hands of Iranian artists.
Qasr Dental Clinic
Restorative and cosmetic, root canal treatment, implants, surgery, dental prostheses, etc.
Hotel doctor
The presence of a physician at the bedside of respected patients 24 hours a day
Dedicated stores
1. Representation of David Jones products
2. Cosmetics store
3. Silver shop
Children''s makeup
Provide the most memorable moments of your children''s life in the palace with happy make-up on their faces. The make-up unit welcomes your loved ones by using completely hygienic and anti-allergic make-up accessories, as well as offering traditional and local clothes on the ground floor next to the photo unit.
All photo orders included