Rates of Qasr Mashhad International Premium Hotel (سال 1400 )

The closest five star hotel in Mashhad to the shrine of Imam reza

Validity Date Of Peak Days : 24 - 26 July , 31 July To 16 August , 21 August To 22 October 2021
Validity Date Of Special Peak Days : 27 - 30 July , 17 - 20 September , 4 - 8 October 2021

Exclusive and dedicated services


Exclusive services and specific Palace international Hotel


Palace International Hotel guests can stay at the hotel will benefit from the following advantagesfeatures that no other hotel in Iran organized, modern and at the same time does not exist.
  •   The nearest 5 star hotel to the emam Reza shrine who is so indulgent (about 7 minutes on foot)
  •  15 percent discount from the room price through internet reservation.
  •  16 percent special discount for young couples who are newly weds, it shouldn’t past more than one
  • your according to their identity cards.
  • ♦ From 25% to 30% special discount on all hotel services (accommodation-restaurant-coffee shop-mini barricade-internet) plus free transfer for guests who have received the hotel subscription card in gold and diamond levels and are among the hotel subscribers between International are considered palaces.
  •  Using facilities ( more staying = less payment)
  •     a.       4 nights staying = 1 night for free (the 4rd nigh)
  •     b.      8 nights staying = 2 nights for free (the 7th and 8th night)
  •     c.       12 nights staying = 3 nights for free (the 10th and 11th and 12th)
  • ♦ Special discount for all doctors, paramedics and engineers at the rate of 16% of the daily room rate
  • ♦ Use the benefits of money transfer remittance with 20% special discount.
  • ♦ Take advantage of the special discount card for managers with a 23% special discount.
  • ♦ Free buffet breakfast  with more than 156 items include fast and slow, Iranian and European foods.
  • ♦ CIP Free airport entrance for all rooms, especially for guests who book directly from one of the hotel''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s reservation offices.
  • ♦ For Huffboard and Fullboard, lunch and dinner at Royal Mercede Restaurant will be a buffet with selected hotel dishes and the free night will not include lunch and dinner.
  • ♦ Free daily use of the hotel''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s water complex and gym for up to two hours for all guests (except massage therapy, Turkish bath and salt cave)
  • Dedicated and free CIP service at the hotel upon arrival
  •  One way free transfer (departure) for guest from irpot and railway station with formal hotel’s car around the clock.
  •  Free Wi-Fi internet, mineral water and daily tea for all hotel subscribers during their stay
  •  Free buffet breakfast  with more than 156 items include fast and slow, Iranian and European foods.
  •  16 percent discount from the room price for all specialized physicians throughout Iran.
  •  Benefits the usage of IPTV in all rooms for all guests as a first and only possessor of this system in Iran.
  •  Free Wi-Fi internet for all Diamond Hotel’s customers during staying  (1GB)
  •  Free morning newspaper for all hotel rooms with a bouquet of flowers presented to guests
  •  Free tickets to the museums of the holy shrine of Hazrat Reza (AS) for all our guest hotels
  • ♦ Civil liability insurance of all Iranian and foreign guests of the hotel during their stay inside the hotel and accident insurance and treatment of all Iranian and foreign guests throughout the city of Mashhad during their stay.
  • ♦ One free photo for each room
  • ♦ For honored guests, first class rooms (President Royal, Double Royal Luxury, Double Qajar, Double Achaemenid, President, Special President) including Esteghlal Special Reception at the Qasr International Hotel Reservation Office at Mehrabad Airport (Terminal 4) + CIP Welcome Mashhad Shahid Hasheminejad Airport + free tea and mineral water (in the room) during the stay + free play city for children from 9 to 17:30 + free transfer.
  • You can only use one Discount for each stay